Bali Halal Tour exist as one of the ultimate tour package of Salba Tours to serve Muslim travellers around the world in providing halal tour and travel services in Bali. Bali is one of the world famous tourist destinations. Cultural heritage is the main attraction for the tourist to come to Bali, besides for its nature landscape.

You maybe aware that Bali is not a Muslim majority province in Indonesia. The majority in Bali is Hindus. For first timer visitors it's not an easy task to find halal food in Bali. You must be a local muslim residence or repeat visitors to know where the halal food or restaurants located in Bali. It's quite annoying to know that you don't know where to find halal food in Bali while you are in travelling in Bali.

Bali Halal Tour will be your guide to find good and nice halal food in Bali. Our services as a Bali muslim tour company are providing Halal Tour Packages, Bali Hotels and Villas booking, Bali Rent Car, Bali Muslim Driver, Activities Tour in Bali, Balinese Spa, or just free and easy services.

Bali Halal Tour offers you a Bali Muslim Tour packages that suitable for your needs and wants. Our driver and guide are well informed about the locations, history and Balinese cultures. All the tour packages has been through a series of analyzes including the selection the foods, restaurants, accommodations and the tourist attractions.

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